Matty’s Rocket

From Author Tim Fielder is the Science Fiction tale of space pilot, Matty Watty. Loosely based on the lives of Bessie Coleman and Harriet Tubman, Matty’s Rocket blends elements of retro genres of Flash Gordon with the the real world history of the Jim Crow Era. Matty’s Rocket is for ages 10 and up.


High John Conqueror

By Author Tim Fielder, High John Conqueror is a rip-roaring action adventure set in an alternate dimension. Sgt. John Conqueror wages battles alongside alien warriors against ruthless confederate villains. This tale is a homage to the pulp barbarian genres popular the world over. The story is told in an emerging format called a Comatic viewable on Youtube.


Black Metropolis

Black Metropolis is an emerging Art book/art installation celebrating over 30 years of the career of artist, Tim Fielder. Starting as far back as his early days with the Village Voice, migrating to Marvel Comics and to his present work as creator of Dieselfunk Studios’ Matty’s Rocket, this book is both a historical document and on the ground observation of innovation. Imagine a City thats Black: Black Metropolis.

The Dieselfunk Show
The Dieselfunk Show

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